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Remarks at the North Carolina Holocaust Commemoration

April 11, 2010
Remarks at the North Carolina Holocaust Commemoration

By Congressman David Price - On April 11, 2010, Congressman David Price gave brief remarks at the North Carolina Holocaust Commemoration at Meredith College's Jones Auditorium in Raleigh. The text of Congressman Price's remarks is below:

North Carolina's Holocaust Commemoration service has always been an inclusive, community-wide event. While the Jewish community takes the lead in organizing the observance, it is a blessing to all elements of the wider community. For it is often in sharing the memory of suffering and tragedy, in reaching out to one another in empathy and understanding, that we realize our common humanity most profoundly.

There are also times, of course, when we share memories of triumph and joy. But even in our national life, the celebration of Independence Day stands alongside the solemn remembrances of Memorial Day. In my years of service in Congress, the most memorable occasions—when members of our state's delegation came together across party lines and with a sense of common purpose—were in the wake of devastating natural disasters. Our cycles of religious observance include celebrations of victory and deliverance but also, strikingly, times when we come together in the memory of shared sorrows and tribulations, recognizing our vulnerability, confessing our failings, seeking redemption and renewal.

Our faith traditions teach us: "Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep" (Romans 12:15). On this day, indeed, we weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn. In so doing, we understand, we feel, we experience the humanity we share and the obligations we have to reflect and act upon the memories we draw upon and communicate. We face evil; we name it. And in confronting it we are inspired and empowered to face our shared responsibility to overcome it—in ways large and small, affirming the spark of humanity we share with all people over all the earth.

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