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Price Floor Remarks on Iran Sanctions Bill

January 13, 2016
Price Floor Remarks on Iran Sanctions Bill

Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong opposition to this deeply misguided legislation.

Reports from international experts, nuclear watchdogs, and representatives of our international coalition make clear that Iran is on its way to fully dismantling its nuclear weapons program.

We need to understand: just because the JCPOA does not deal with all of Iran’s abuses doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t solve the nuclear issue. True, Iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism, and the proposed expansion of its ballistic missile program is particularly troubling. But a nuclear-armed Iran would only make these abuses more dangerous, and it would be wildly foolish to suggest that we must forgo our only real opportunity to keep a nuclear weapon out of the regime’s hands just because these ancillary issues remain.

This bill would scuttle the JCPOA, the result of years of international negotiation and diplomacy in cooperation with our international partners. Absent the nuclear agreement, Iran could resume its nuclear program without international oversight and continue its state sponsorship of terrorism, its human rights abuses, and its ballistic missile expansion.

In short, this bill would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I strongly urge my colleagues to oppose it.