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Price Floor Remarks on Gun Violence and Background Checks

October 8, 2015
Price Floor Remarks on Gun Violence and Background Checks

“Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to the rule and in protest of the Republican leadership’s failure to bring common-sense legislation to the floor to stem our nation’s tide of gun violence.

“In the wake of seemingly endless mass shootings, Americans of all backgrounds and diverse political beliefs are urging elected officials to stop merely wringing our hands and to do something that actually protects our communities.One measure that has virtually unanimous support is background checks, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill. 

“The problem is that our current background check system is rife with loopholes. Background checks are not required at gun shows.  They are also not required when individuals purchase weapons online.

“The bipartisan King-Thompson background checks bill would close these egregious loopholes.  It is an entirely sensible reform that would have a measurable impact on the safety of our schools and neighborhoods—without preventing law-abiding citizens from using guns for self-defense or recreational purposes.

“I wholeheartedly reject the defeatist notion that we cannot do anything about our nation’s gun violence problem. 

“I ask my colleagues, how much longer must we wait?  How many more people must die to get our attention? How many more American towns and cities must be added to the constantly growing list of places like Columbine, Aurora, Charleston, and Newtown?

“In the last three years, we’ve held some 20 moments of silence on the House floor to honor the victims of mass shootings in the United States.Moments of silence are not enough. Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. 

“We need action, and I call on my colleagues to bring the background checks bill to the floor for a vote!”