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House Floor Remarks on the passing of Former Representative Fred Heineman

March 22, 2010
House Floor Remarks on the passing of Former Representative Fred Heineman

By Congressman David Price -

Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask for a moment of silence in memory of our former colleague, Representative Fred Heineman, who represented North Carolina's Fourth District in the 104th Congress. Fred passed away Saturday, March 20th at the age of 80.

Fred Heineman was first and foremost a man who sought to serve his country. He was a Marine, a law enforcement professional, and member of Congress.

He started out as beat cop in Harlem. During his 25-year career with the New York Police Department, he shut down organized crime, rooted out police corruption, and tried to keep young people away from drugs and crime by giving them positive alternatives to the streets.

In 1979, he came to Raleigh, North Carolina to serve as the Capitol City's Chief of Police. Fred played a role in making that city what it is today: one of the best places to live and raise a family in the country. I worked with him while he served in that role and admired his commitment to the state that became his home.

In 1994, Fred came to this body, serving in the 104th Congress from 1995-1996. In the halls of congress, he eschewed the title "Congressman," or "Representative," preferring to be called simply, "The Chief."

Over the last few days I have heard his former colleagues on the police force, and in this institution recount the way he affected their lives. Fred's colleagues respected his expertise on issues of public safety and his strength of conviction. The nature of this institution—I firmly believe—is such that those who remain true to their convictions, who fight for what they believe in, leave it with pride in the service they have rendered.

Fred is survived by his wife Linda and six children. I wish to offer condolences to her and the rest of his family on behalf of my wife Lisa and me, and on behalf of colleagues in this body.

I would like to yield to my colleague from the great state of North Carolina, Mr. Coble, the dean of our delegation, for his thoughts.

# # #