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Price Votes to Constrain Trump’s Unauthorized Military Action Against Iran

January 9, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC (January 9, 2020) - On Thursday, January 9, 2020, Congressman David Price (D-NC), a longtime proponent of peace in the Middle East, voted in favor of H. Con. Res. 83, a War Powers Resolution that constrains President Trump’s ability to launch attacks against Iran without congressional approval. He released the following statement on passage of the resolution: 

“The American people watched anxiously as President Trump blundered his way dangerously close to war with Iran. Today’s vote to limit his authority to attack Iran without congressional approval shows that Congress refuses to ignore his reckless actions that threaten the stability and safety of U.S. personnel and our allies in the region.

“Yesterday’s classified briefing from the administration was utterly unconvincing. While I have no illusions as to the dangers posed by Iran and its proxies, administration officials failed to make the case of an imminent threat. The Constitution gives Congress, not the President, the authority to authorize war, and given President Trump’s track record, ‘trust me’ is simply not acceptable. 

“When analyzing an administration's foreign policy strategy, my first question has always been, ‘does this make America safer?’ Our country is not safer now that Iran is no longer bound by the nuclear agreement. We are not safer now that the Iraqi parliament ordered U.S. troops out of the country. Americans are not safer now that President Trump suspended the fight against ISIS. And, we are not safer now that the streets once filled with protestors against Iran’s brutal regime are now filled with public displays of anti-American sentiment. 

“The plain truth is Americans are not safer today from Iran’s threats; the situation has become more perilous. In fact, Americans would have been safer if President Trump had done nothing—if he had sat on his hands over the last three years—instead of ratcheting up tensions with no deliberate or comprehensive strategy in place.

“It’s clear that the President’s recklessness has made us far less safe, and all of this will be far worse if we stumble our way into another unnecessary war in the Middle East.  I urge the Senate to join the House in passing this resolution—reinforcing Congress’ constitutional power to declare war.” 

Congressman Price is an original cosponsor of H. Con. Res. 83. Congressman Price also sponsored an amendment included in Fiscal Year 2020’s National Defense Authorization Act that requires a report to Congress on the status of deconfliction channels with Iran to prevent miscalculation and decrease tensions. He is a lead advocate for preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon through negotiations and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).  On October 4, 2017, Congressman Price co-led a letter, signed by over 180 Members of Congress, cautioning President Trump that walking away from the JCPOA would be detrimental to our national security.