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January 19, 2017
Press Release

"I will attend the Inauguration on January 20 with pride -- pride in our country and the values we must uphold, pride in the rule of law -- and determined to make certain that no one, including our president, places himself above the law.

"This is not about Donald Trump. Like many of my colleagues, I am appalled by Donald Trump -- his evident disregard for democratic values and his willingness to stoke bigotry and the politics of hatred and exclusion. Grave questions about how he got elected and his ties to a foreign power are currently under investigation. I have serious doubts about his intention or willingness to govern within the bounds of our laws and Constitution, and I anticipate that Congress may well need to carry out our constitutional duty to call him to account. That is my main reason for affirming democracy and the rule of law on Friday.

"In addition, I am angered and disgusted by Donald Trump's personal attacks on my colleague John Lewis, for whose personal and moral courage all Americans should be profoundly grateful. I will be wearing a symbol of my respect for Rep. Lewis and the rule of law on my lapel on Friday -- and I look forward to giving a grateful and enthusiastic welcome to Hillary Clinton as well."