Price Statement on Agreement to Normalize Israel-UAE Ties, Suspend Annexation

August 13, 2020
Press Release


"It is welcome news that relations are to be normalized between Israel and a third Arab state, the United Arab Emirates," said Congressman David Price. This is something I have worked for since first visiting the UAE with the Center for Middle East Peace over twenty years ago, and it can make a lasting contribution to the security of Israel and the region. 

It is also welcome news that Israel is suspending plans to annex parts of the West Bank, although those plans should never have been put forward, nor encouraged by the Trump administration, in the first place. We need assurances that Israel’s suspension of plans for unilateral annexation will be permanent.

The promise of today’s announcement will be realized only if the UAE joins Jordan, not only in recognizing Israel, but also in pushing Israel, the Palestinians, and the US towards a negotiated two-state solution — an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, living in mutual respect, peace, and security."