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July 14, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC –Congressman David E. Price (NC-04) offered an amendment at today’s Department of Homeland Security Appropriations markup to restore funding for Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Analysis, a critical disaster planning and mitigation program. Congressman Price gave the following statement in support of his amendment.

“My amendment would restore funding for Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis to the President’s requested level. The bill before us provides flat funding for the program, which, as we all know, amounts to a cut once we factor in inflation.  The amount provided for flood mapping activities hinders our nation’s ability to prepare for natural disasters, which is particularly important as we face growing threats from climate change.

“Floods continue to be the nation’s most frequent and costly natural hazard, affecting every state in the nation. In the wake of a disaster, half of businesses that experience flood damage fail to recover and are lost within two years of flooding. 

“The national flood insurance program, which I’ll note is more generously funded in this year’s bill, depends directly upon data gathered through the Flood mapping program. I commend the majority for their support of the Flood insurance program, but let’s not kid ourselves, cutting flood mapping and risk analysis funding directly undermines the flood insurance program.

“Cuts to mapping activities means major delays in providing our communities with accurate flood hazard data to help them plan new developments and manage their risk of flooding. In turn, these delays result in lost mitigation opportunities and higher financial risks to the communities and their residents. 

“I understand the subcommittee was forced to work within its budget allocation, but the cuts made to flood mapping and pre-disaster mitigation funding will result in higher financial risk to taxpaying Americans.  This process highlights that our inability, or unwillingness, to reach a long-term budget deal continues to result in pennywise and pound-foolish policies that will ultimately cost taxpayers more money.

“I appreciate your consideration, and I urge the adoption of my amendment.”