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March 27, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – Representatives David Price (NC-04), Alma S. Adams (NC-12), and G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) today sent a letter urging North Carolina’s two U.S. Senators to support Loretta Lynch, who is a North Carolina native, in her nomination for U.S. Attorney General. Senators Burr and Tillis previously announced their opposition to Lynch’s nomination.

The Senate has yet to move forward with a vote on the floor on Lynch’s nomination and does not come back into session until April 13th. Lynch has now waited longer than the last seven U.S. Attorneys General combined to have a floor vote in the U.S. Senate. During her nomination hearing, Loretta Lynch endured more than eight hours of testimony and has since responded to nearly 900 questions entered into the Congressional record.

“I just don’t understand how Senators Burr and Tillis could not support this North Carolina native,” said Congresswoman Adams. “Her resume is impeccable and she is rightly positioned to be our U.S. Attorney General. With every week that passes, our nation is denied a leader to the highest law enforcement post in the country. I urge Senators Burr and Tillis to do what is right by our State and our country, and support Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.”

“Loretta Lynch is abundantly qualified to serve as the next Attorney General, and the time she has waited to receive a simple up-or-down vote on her nomination is unprecedented,” said Congressman Butterfield.  “Ms. Lynch deserves the support of Senators Burr and Tillis.  Their support stands to be deciding factors in whether or not she will make history as the first African American woman to serve as United States Attorney General.”  

“The broad bipartisan support for Ms. Lynch’s nomination reflects her distinguished record as a U.S. Attorney and excellent testimony in her confirmation hearing,” said Congressman Price. “Our North Carolina Senators are uniquely familiar with her character and credentials, and they have every reason to support her. I hope they will agree with their Republican and Democratic colleagues that she is extremely well-qualified for the position of Attorney General when her nomination comes before the full Senate for a vote.”

In their letter to Senators Burr and Tillis, the Representatives wrote, “We recognize that as members of the Senate it is your duty to ensure that our Attorney General meets the qualifications for this important position. This is a sacred duty that must be taken seriously. That is why we ask that you judge Ms. Lynch’s nomination solely on her qualifications and not allow partisan distractions to cloud your judgements.”