Congressman Price Statement on President-elect Biden’s Nomination of Michael Regan for EPA Administrator

December 17, 2020
Press Release

Raleigh, NC (December 17, 2020) -- Congressman David Price (NC-04) released a statement on President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to nominate current Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Michael Regan, to lead the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):   


"President-elect Biden has made a stellar choice in selecting North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Secretary Michael Regan to lead the EPA,” said Congressman Price. “Michael Regan has a long track record in environmental policy, working first as an air quality specialist under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and then with the Environmental Defense Fund before coming to North Carolina. Through the years, he has proven himself as a determined and effective advocate for scientifically-sound environmental policies that protect the climate, improve public health, and advance environmental justice. 


“Mr. Regan will understand the diverse environmental challenges facing our nation and our world. Our state of North Carolina – like so many others – continues to grapple with devastating natural disasters, and the threat of pollution from both traditional and emerging sources while attracting new businesses and steady growth. A strong economy and clean environment are not mutually exclusive. Mr. Regan’s experience as North Carolina’s DEQ Secretary demonstrates that he is ready to lead the nation toward an environmentally sustainable future that leaves no community behind. I am confident that as EPA Administrator, he will help execute President-elect Biden’s ambitious plans to curb climate change; accelerate renewable energy development; address contamination of our waterways, lands, and air; rectify environmental injustices; and lead America toward a carbon-neutral future.”