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North Carolina News Network - Rep. David Price Pushing for Public Financing in Presidential Campaigns

February 28, 2012
In The News

By David Horn

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- North Carolina Congressman David Price is speaking out against Super PACs. Price said he thinks it is unfortunate that President Obama has chosen to use PAC funding, but he does give him some credit.

"As a matter of policy he has very firmly wanted to refurbish and reinstate the presidential public financing system and if we could require disclosure on the part of these Super PACs I would certainly do it in a heartbeat and I believe he would too," said Price.

Price said he has legislation that would deal with campaign funding. "I'm the lead sponsor of the bill now to mend not end the presidential public financing and we worked cooperatively with the White House. We didn't take their dictates on it, but we certainly consulted with them and they are favorably disposed toward that legislation."

Price said further steps will be needed, such as a Supreme Court with a different balance of power and/or a constitutional amendment. He added that these are critical first steps in restoring integrity in our democracy.