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March 26, 2012
In The News

By Loretta Boniti

DURHAM -- A small rally in Durham Monday morning- brought health care, senior and political advocates together. They were all there to speak out about why the two-year-old federal Affordable Care Act needs to remain in tact.

"We're mandated to have drivers licenses, we're mandated to pay social security, we're mandated to pay Medicare," said Melvin Whitley with Action NC, who organized the rally.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act point out that even though it is not fully in effect until 2014, strides have already been made in providing health insurance for many. That included young adults who have recently graduated from colleges, and kids with pre-existing conditions.

In addition, free health screenings are already available to those in need.

"86 million Americans have received one or more free preventive services already under the health care law," said U.S Rep. David Price, who represents the 4th District.

On the other side, folks like those with Americans for Prosperity, said it is time for the Affordable Care Act to go, especially the individual mandates.

"If Congress can do this to you, there is nothing they cannot do to you," said Dallas Woodhouse with Americans for Prosperity. "By telling you to buy broccoli or a certain kind of cell phone or anything else that you choose to or not to purchase."

Woodhouse, with about 400 people from North Carolina, will head to Washington on Tuesday morning to show their opposition to the Affordable Care Act, which he said is simply not needed.

"The absence of health insurance is not the absence of health care," said Woodhouse. "Everybody does not need insurance to have health care. That is what we need to get away from in America and then use insurance for catastrophic situations."