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News & Observer's Under the Dome: Price Prominent on Guns

January 16, 2013
In The News

CONGRESSMAN PRICE TO JOIN IN OBAMA GUNS ANNOUNCEMENT: President Obama will announce gun control measures at noon at the White House with U.S. Rep. David Price at his side. The Democrat, who represents Durham and Chapel Hill, is vice chairman of the party's gun violence prevention task force in the House. "I am pleased the President will be offering concrete proposals to reduce gun violence and strengthen laws that keep deadly weapons out of the wrong hands," he said in a statement ahead of the announcement.

PRICE WANTS ASSAULT WEAPONS OFF STREET: More from his statement: "While I am open to various proposals, I believe we must deal with the instruments of destruction that too often turn hostile encounters into deadly ones. We must enforce and strengthen our current laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others prone to violence. We must shore up mental health services and outreach, especially to troubled young people. We must remove from our streets military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines whose only function is to mow people down. North Carolinians have a right to expect that they will be free from harm in their communities and their children will be safe in their schools. We have a moral responsibility to make their expectation a reality."

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