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News & Observer – (Letter to the Editor) U.S. Rep. David Price: McCrory, GA tarnishing N.C.'s brand

July 18, 2013
In The News

For years North Carolina has been rated one of the best places in the country to live, work and do business. Gov. Pat McCrory and General Assembly Republicans nonetheless ran promising to "fix" the business climate. Sure enough, we're seeing the state's "brand" change, but in ways that promise lasting damage.

By denying 70,000 people federal unemployment benefits, McCrory and the legislature are devastating families and keeping $650 million from being spent in local businesses.

By blocking Medicaid expansion, McCrory and the legislature are denying 500,000 workers affordable health care, preventing the creation of 23,000 jobs, placing additional burdens on businesses and locking $1.4 billion out of our economy.

By cutting education, they are risking what businesses see as our state's greatest assets: our highly trained workforce and capacity for innovative public-private collaboration.

By advancing the anti-gay Amendment One, the legislature made our state less attractive to new businesses. Employers tell me Amendment One has damaged recruitment and retention efforts.

North Carolina's positive brand has been decades in the making, but it can be destroyed quickly. The warning signs are unmistakable; our state's leaders must take heed.

U.S. Rep. David Price