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News & Observer - Jones, Price team up to bar personal use of PAC money

November 14, 2013
In The News

By: Rob Christensen

Republican Walter Jones and Democrat David Price Thursday introduced a bill to make it illegal for candidates or employees associated with federal political committees to use committee funds for personal activities.

Federal law already bars candidates from their their personal campaign funds for personal use, but no such law prohibits candidates from using funds from leadership PACs, super PACs, corporate PACs or labor PACs.

The CBS news magazine, "60 Minutes,'' recently highlighted the problem with a report about widespread abuse.

"For too long, candidate and employees of political committees have been able to exploit loopholes in the law to use political committee funds for their own personal items,'' Jones a Farmville Republican said in a statement. "this bill would put a necessary end to this abuse of the system and ensure that PAC funds are used soley for their intended purpose.''

Price added: "As a matter of public trust, we need to close the PAC loophole so that all funding committees are subject to the same ethics laws.''

Also sponsoring the bill was Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia.