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Great News from Cuba

December 18, 2014
Blog Post
Great News from Cuba

I commend President Obama for the historic achievement of normalizing relations with Cuba. For too long, we have allowed mistrust and political differences to stand in the way of our shared interests. Isolating the Cuban government may have been a good strategy during the Cold War, but it has become counterproductive to our economic and security priorities.

Congress has an important role to play in the coming months as we welcome Cuba to the global community. The travel ban and economic embargo cannot be lifted without congressional action, and we must provide robust oversight as the White House determines the best way to implement its new policies.

President Obama’s action will immediately improve the quality of life of the Cuban people, but we must seek every opportunity to support their aspirations for freedom and democracy. I strongly believe that increased cooperation and understanding will provide us with new avenues for bringing about positive change, building on the cultural and academic progress we have made over the past few years.

I welcome this news and look forward to a vigorous and productive debate about the best course forward.