Today on the House Floor

The Office of the Clerk of the House maintains an up-to-date account all House proceedings.  The Clerk's Floor Summary page details the most recent activities on the floor, including information on which bills will be debated on a legislative day.  The website also offers detailed "Roll Calls" showing how each member of the House votes any time a vote is called. A complete schedule of when the House will be in session is available below.

Schedule for my Committees

I serve on the House Appropriations Committee where I am the Chairman of the Transporation, Housing, and Urban Development Subcommittee. I am also a member of the Appropriations subcommittees covering the Department of State and Foreign Operations and the Department of Homeland Security. I also serve as a member on the House Budget Committee.

Watch the House Live @ offers live video of House floor proceedings.  The website also has a search function to help you find speeches or votes from a specific day.  If the House is in session while you're on this page, you'll be able to watch the proceedings on the player below.