Community Project Funding


Applications are no longer being accepted for Community Project Funding Requests.


Visit the Committee on Appropriations "Appropriations Requests" page for guidance. More information is available in Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro's announcement.


Only non-profit entities and state and local government entities are eligible to submit an application. Projects cannot be designated for private individuals or for-profit entities.  Projects must be “shovel-ready” and receive community support.

Public Disclosure

Each Member of Congress is limited to ten Community Project Funding requests. In order to ensure that federal dollars are well spent in a transparent and accountable manner, each Member of Congress must publicly disclose the Community Projects they are requesting be funded. Please note that the information submitted in the forms below may be released to the public.

Community Support

Members must provide proof of community support with compelling factors describing ways in which the project will benefit the community. Therefore, all requests must include as much proof of community support as possible. Submissions may include but are not limited to:

  • Letters of support from elected community leaders;
  • Press articles highlighting the need for the requested community project funding;
  • Support from newspaper editorial boards;
  • Projects listed in state intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents;
  • Resolutions passed by city councils or boards; and/or
  • Other compelling evidence of community support.

Submitting a Community Project Application

Each organization must complete and submit an application form (found below) that is associated with their corresponding project. Click the relevant link below to view application requirements for each type of project.  Once the form is completed in full, it must be submitted using the webform below, and submitted no later than Friday, April 2, 2021. 

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